After setting up your mind to forming a business, you need to choose an appropriate business activity according to your knowledge and experience.  Ajman Free Zone offers wide range of business licenses for business setup to meet your requirements from starting a new business to setting up industry. AFZA also allows forming a branch of local company in mainland or foreign company.

 Activity Group

Activity Detail

One Activity Trading license

It allows importing, exporting, distributing, consolidating and storing only one specific items mentioned in a license. It can be furniture, garments, electronic, mobile phones, auto parts, lubricants and medical equipment etc.

Two Activity Trading License

It allows importing, exporting, distributing, consolidating and storing only two specific items mentioned in a license. It can be furniture and  garments, electronic and mobile phones, auto parts and lubricants, Machinery and medical equipment etc.

Three Activity Trading License

It allows importing, exporting, distributing, consolidating and storing up to three specific items mentioned in a license. It can be furniture, garments, electronic, mobile phones, auto parts, lubricants, Machinery and medical equipment etc.

General Trading License

It allows importing, exporting, distributing, consolidating and storing of unrelated and unlimited multiple items.

Professional Service License

Allows the client to carry out professional consultancy services which includes:

Marketing Consultancy                             Management Consultancy

Advertising Consultancy                          Information Technology Consultancy

E-Commerce License

It permits to do online business. Allows you to sell products or Services online and collect payments online.

Industrial License

AFZA provides industrial license which permits for manufacturing in UAE. Smart store and warehouses are provided to meet the investor’s requirement. 


Smart Offices:

Smart offices provided by AFZA are suitable as a smart investment for entrepreneurs. The prices are very low and affordable. With the package of smart office you get two employment visas and numerous benefits provided by AFZA for an excellent return on investment.

Executive Offices:

Executed offices are strategically located and easy to operate business depending on the size needed. On thesepackage entrepreneur can get 5 employment visas and excellent facilities, easy parking and security.


AFZA provideshigh quality warehouses with all service facilities and specifications which is designed according to the need of investor. Warehouses are starting from area of 100 square meters and prices starting from AED 250 per square meters. 


For those entrepreneurs who are willing for industrial investment, lands are provided by searching accurate need of investors. 



  • 100% ownership of establishment/company.
  • Easy transfer of capital and profits.
  • Exemption from all taxes including import and export. 
  • Competitive prices on facility usage.
  • Fast and easy procedures and in most cases get the license within 24 hours.
  • Eligible to open bank accounts. 
  • Eligible to apply for residence visa for investor and its employee.
  • Eligible to apply visa for dependent. 
  • Offers lease period up to 20 years and renewable to 20 more years. 
  • Inexpensive uninterrupted energy available for industries.
  • Availability of modern infrastructure.
  • Stable business environment.
  • Healthy and strong infrastructure including strong connectivity through network of highways.
  • Access to major sea and airports of country.
  • Adjacent to Ajman sea port which connects it to international markets.
  • Eligible to expand business internationally.
  • Can use the Dubai’s seaports and airports for shipment of goods by registering company in Dubai custom.

Day 1 – Submit required documents and 3 preferred Company name to Trust Genic and make payment. 


Day 2 – Company name approvals carried out in Ajman Free Zone by Trust Genic. 


Day 3 – Arrive at Trust Genic office before 12 pm to represent yourself in Ajman Free Zone by our representative to sign company incorporation documents in front of a Free Zone officer.


If document and payment made before 12 pm then the name approval will be carried out on the same day (Day 1). On day 2 signing company incorporation documents will be carried out.  


Day 4 – Trade license released by Free Zone and you can collect your Original Trade License, Ajman Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Lease Agreement and Articles of Association (only applicable if company intended to FZC i.e 2 or more than 2 partners) from Trust Genic office. At this point, you may proceed for company bank account process. 


If signing company incorporation documents carried out before 10 am then you may receive your License and related documents on the same day after 1 pm. 


Day 15 – Establishment Card (company immigration card) issued by Free Zone. Now you can apply for the visa.


Day 15 – Submit your Visa application with required documents.


Day 25 – Entry Visa issued and copy of a visa e-mailed to you. If required you can collect visa from Trust Genic office. 


If you are out of the country when your entry visa issued, you can enter with new entry visa (you will not allow to enter on tourist or visit visa once the entry permit is issued). If you are inside the country you need to carry out the change of status either by exiting and re-entering or submitting your original passport, original entry permit, and payment to Trust Genic office. 


Day 26 – Proceed for medical and Emirates Id Card procedure. Please contact us if any assistance with Medical and Emirates ID typing required.


Day 27 – Deliver the required documents i:e original passport, original visa, medical carried out receipt (as the report will directly be sent to immigration by medical center), original Emirates ID card receipt to proceed with Visa stamping. 


Day 35 – Passport is ready for collection in Trust Genic office with stamped residency visa. 


Please Note: 

  • Above mentioned Time Frame is subjected to working days only not a calendar date. 
  • If pre-approval (security approval) required for establishment card or visa please add 10 to 15 days.
  • The above timelines are collated based on the average processing times and hence are not exact and in reality may be shorter or longer.
  • The indicated days on timeframe may be subject to delay during periods in and around Ramadan, days of mourning, Eid and other National and Religious Holidays.
  • The indicated timelines commence upon realization of payment.
  • There may be chances of delay in case of additional documents required or addition inquiry needed by any government authorities.


AFZ provide the Free Zone Establishment license with separate legal capacity owned as 100% by either individual or legal entity (company).

  1. Passport copy valid for 6 month.
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Entry stamp page copy (or) entry visa copy if the applicant is on visit visa
  4. No objection certificate from current sponsor if applicant is UAE resident as employee.
  5. Feasibility study in case of industrial service and electronic activities
  6. Three proposed name for new company setup in Ajman


AFZ provides the FZC license to free zone companies for a number of partners whether individuals or companies of separate legal capacity, so as every investor share is to be determined through partners when issuing the license.

  1. Passport copy valid for 6 month.
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Entry stamp page copy (or) entry visa copy if the applicant is on visit visa
  4. No objection certificate from current sponsor if applicant is UAE resident as employee.
  5. Feasibility study in case of industrial service and electronic activities
  6. Three proposed name for new company setup in Ajman


AFZ provides the local company branch license to local companies having valid license issued by a UAE license authority and intending to open a branch inside the free zone.

  1. Passport copy valid for 6 month.
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Feasibility study in case of industrial service and electronic activities
  4. Original valid trade license
  5. Original Trade Register Certificate
  6. Original Certificate of membership
  7. Board Resolution


AFZ provides the Foreign Company Branch license to foreign companies established outside UAE and intending to open a branch or representative office by which they can practice business.

  1. Passport copy valid for 6 month.
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Feasibility study in case of industrial service and electronic activities
  4. A certificate of Incorporation of the parent company
  5. A copy of Memorandum of the company.
  6. A valid passport copy for the representative or manager of the company

Note: For foreign companies the documents of the parent company shall be attested by the UAE Embassy in the concerned country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

General Info: 

  • No document clearing or document processing are done by our office, the documents handled in our office are just pick up and drop off point only. 
  • All the license related applications are issued from Ajman Free Zone and Visa from Ajman Immigration.
  • The registered address will be Ajman free zone for the licenses issued from Ajman Free Zone. 
  • Payments for all the application should be made to Trust Genic office. 
  • Any payment made to the Trust Genic for any product or services are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise. Even the payment is not complete and/or all the required documents are not provided to the Trust Genic still the condition remains valid.   
  • For any additional documents required by Free Zone, Immigration or any other government authorities to process your application, Trust Genic will not be responsible.
  • Trust Genic will not be responsible for the delay in any applications due to an inquiry by government authorities.
  • Once the payments are done then only the applications will be submitted for further process. 
  • The quoted prices are subject to adjustments in compliance with any act of government or Free Zone Authority and are stated in UAE Dirhams. All prices are subject to change without notice. Trust Genic reserves the right to add to the sales price of a trade license and associated service fees, an amount equivalent to any new taxes or variations of same, as imposed by the government or Free Zone Authorities. These additional taxes and/or fees will be clearly outlined at the initial point of payment or will be invoiced retrospectively.
  • Please note the prices quoted in this proposal are specific to the products and services mentioned they do not include any ancillary services i.e. driving license transfers, liquor license, dependents visas etc. – please contact us if you would like pricing and procedures for the same.
  • Any deposit given to the Ajman Free Zone will be refunded by Free Zone and may be deducted by Free Zone while refunding if deposit slip is not shown or any other charges applied to process the refund. We carry no responsibility for the refund. We can assist and apply for the refund in Free Zone in case of clients requests. Business Centre Services are provided by AFZA, not by Trust Genic. They carry their own Terms & Conditions; please contact us if you required any services or info related to Business Center. 
  • It is mandatory to provide a NOC to form a new company in AFZA if an applicant is in residency visa from other company. 



  • Company Immigration Card will remain at Free zone a copy can be provided upon request. 
  • It is not permitted to downgrade license to a lower level.
  • A Business center package can be upgraded to a smart office or executive office and smart office can be upgraded to an executive office by paying full license cost and amendment charges. 
  • The words ‘Dubai’, ‘Abu Dhabi’, ‘Sharjah’, ‘RAK’, ‘Ras Al Khaimah’, ‘Ajman’, ‘Fujairah’, ‘Umm Al-Quwain’, ‘UAE’, ‘Emirates’, ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd, Financial cannot be used in Company Names, neither can the words ‘Islam’, ‘Islamic’ or any other words related to any religion. Other words like ‘‘Bomb’, ‘Import’, ‘Export’ or ‘Manufacturing’ also cannot be used.
  • If you select the business activities ‘Legal Consultancy’, ’Accounting & Auditing Consultancy’ and ‘Education Consultancy & Training’, you will need to submit your original attested degree certificate in order to process the application for the company Trade License.
  • In addition to the relevant late renewal penalties imposed by the Free Zone, the cancellation fees also apply to expired licenses.
  • All shareholders should be present on the day of cancellation in Free Zone to carry out the cancelation work. 
  • All the dues must be cleared when the application for cancellation is applied. The approximate time for Cancellation of License is 20 days. 
  • The visas on the same company and establishment should be canceled prior to canceling company license. 
  • If you failed to renew your license on time, all services from free zone will be suspended. You will not be able to apply for visa or NOC etc. Until you carry out the renewal.  
  • The establishment card (company immigration card) needs to be renewed yearly. 
  • If the shareholder/manager only has 1 name on the passport, father’s name/surname will be included and will be reflected in the complete company documents.
  • Any amendment on a license will be subjected to additional charges. Please contact us for charges related to the amendment.  
  • The Company is limited to the maximum of 4 shareholders. 
  • Visit visas and/or Mission visas cannot be issued under the company formed in Free Zone.
  • Companies registered in Ajman Free Zone are permitted to carry out their business activities within Free Zone or outside the country. If you wish to conduct business inside UAE, you should either form a branch office in the mainland or appoint a local distributor.
  • You will NOT be able to subscribe to online payment portals and/or online payment gateways under an Ajman Free Zone Commercial Trading License or General Trading license. You have to form an E-Commerce company to get Payment Gateway. Please contact us for more details. 
  • Companies registered in AFZA are not permitted to secure a PO Box in Dubai with Empost.  



  • The validity of Investor Visa is 3 years and Employment visa is 2 years. 
  • The application and payment for the visa should be submitted before 12 pm. anything received after that will be considered for following day. 
  • Entry Visa will not be issued if applicants have overstayed fine. Hence, need to exit the country by paying fines at the airport and send us the exit stamp to proceed with a visa application. 
  • You need enter at least once in a 6 month to maintain a UAE residency visa. 
  • If you are willing to downgrade your visa (Like from general manager to sales), first you have to cancel the previous visa and have to apply for new. 
  • As per requirement of UAE government, a Certificate of Good Conduct is a prerequisite in obtaining new employment visa applications. The certificate must be provided by the government authorities of the country of origin of the applicant, or country where he/she has lived for the past five years. The Certificate of Good Conduct obtained from outside the UAE should then be attested by the UAE diplomatic mission, as well as in the UAE- Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ( For now, It is postponed by UAE government for short period)
  • All outstanding traffic fines have to be settled prior to applying for your visa as well as canceling your visa.
  • If you are out of the country when your entry visa is issued, you will need to enter the country on your new entry visa, you will NOT be allowed to enter the country on a tourist visa or visit visa or visa on arrival.
  • Once you complete change of status you will NOT be able to travel outside of the UAE until your passport has been stamped with your residency visa.
  • We hold no responsibility for the issuance or delivery or delay related to Emirates ID cards, or if the applicant is requested by the Emirates ID Card Authority to return to the ID center to redo the Biodata procedure. 
  • The minimum age for employment visa is 18 years and the minimum age to be manager-shareholder or partner is 19 years old. 
  • The person aged over 65 will not be able to apply for the employment visa. If you are the manager of license or shareholder and over 65 of age you may apply for visa but application may require pre-approval. Kindly contact us for more detail. 
  • Women are NOT able to sponsor dependents (spouse, children, and housemaid) or may subject to deposit. Please contact us for more information. 
  • Please note that no reminder will be sent from Trust Genic on the expiry of your residence visa. To carry out visa renewal process you need to contact us before 30 days of visa expiry. 
  • To sponsor dependents documents submitted to immigration which is Birth Certificate or Marriage certificate should be attested from UAE embassy in the residence country and Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE and then should be translated into Arabic. Please contact us if you require more clarifications.