Activity Detail:

Being a business hub Dubai has set no boundaries on activities, the variety of business activities is offered by Dubai according to the requirement of an investor to form a business in the mainland.  The business activities in Dubai are categorized especially into three types Professional, Commercial, and Industrial. 

Professional license in mainland includes professional activities where the company provides service to the public according to the licensed activity. Professional license is engaged in non-commercial activity only. Professional activity is one of the best options for the investors who are expert on any kind of work and provide related service to the public.  The foreign investor can own by 100% ownership in the professional license. It is mandatory to appoint a local sponsor as Local service agent where he will be paid annually but no direct involvement will be there in the business. The part of local service agent is to assist in getting a license, visa, labor card etc. Some examples of Professional License are:

Accounts Car registration & transfer services Cleaning services
Consultancies Documents destroying & storage Event/ Exhibition organizers
Facilities Management Group Tailoring and design Gents/Ladies Saloon
Handicraft workshops Institutes and education Labour Supply & employment agency
Legal services Medical Clinic/Medical laboratories Nursery
motor & motorcycles driving institutes Motor vehicle repairing Other engineering services
Printing and publishing services Repairing of electrical & electronic appliances Repairing of equipment
Restaurants and coffee shops Separate professional activities Sewage and cleaning services
Sports Club Typing and translation Special purpose Firm


Commercial License:

The activity related to trading of any goods comes under the commercial license. A commercial license is the best option for those who want to engage in buying and selling goods or trading goods. Behind from trading activities, some activities are there which is classified into the commercial even though they provide services like logistic, estate broker and car rental. Department of Economic Development commonly issues the commercial license as Limited Liability Company (LLC). Expatriates cannot own commercial license by 100%. 51% of total share is owned by Local Sponsor (UAE Nationality) and remaining 49% is owned by foreign investors.

If you want to own a company by 100%, can form a company in Free Zone and stay away from 51% and 49% shareholding rule.

Art production Auto spare parts trading Bags, packaging materials & paper trading
Banks, finance & credit group Exchange and financial services Beauty & baby care requisites
Building maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services Car rent and passenger transport Cinema & theaters
Commercial brokerage Contracting and building works Broadcasting and communications
Facility management Filling station Foodstuff supply
Fuel supply Insurance Office & electronic equipment rental
Packing services Postal services Supermarket/Hypermarket 
Video and recordings Real estate Hospitality 


Industrial License: 
The companies that involve into the manufacture i.e. the companies who convert raw material or natural resources into the fine product are issued on Industrial License In order to set up an industrial license it is mandatory to have a physical office in Dubai as virtual offices are not entertained by Department of Economic Development. The shareholding rule 51% and 49% is applied even in industrial license where 51% is owned by Local Sponsor and 49% by the foreign investor. 
Some examples of industrial Activities are: 

Block and building stones industry Bread manufacturing Casting of steel and iron
Fish canning & freezing Food industries Foodstuff mills and packaging
Glass & chinaware manufacturing/Glass industries Goldsmith & gold repairing Light aircraft manufacturing & maintenance
Meat processing Metal containers & boxes manufacturing Oven & stove manufacturing
Petroleum and metal extraction Shipbuilding and repairing Textiles & products manufacturing
Manufacturing of chemicals Manufacturing of garments and rugs Manufacturing of paper and paper products
Manufacture of medicines Manufacture of batteries Manufacture of eyeglasses
Steel workshop Power generation and transmission  Separate industrial activities


  • Availability of numerous visa.
  • Very Low Import/Export duty.
  • No Corporate and Income Tax.
  • Global networking destinations
  • Availability of Human Resources.
  •  The wide range of business activities.
  • No Boundaries on Area of Trading.
  • World-class physical infrastructure.
  • Administrative entities of Emirates.
  • The rapid sustainable of development.
  • A Quality lifestyle and Cultural excellence.
  • Favorable Investment encourages the government.
  • Growing, Strong, Diverse and Competitive Economy.
  • Legal Framework and stable political & social climate.
  • Open Trading Hub and strategic geographical location of the state.

Trade Name Registration - 3 days to 1 week

Required Documents

  1. Suggest Five Options for Trade Name
  1. Sponsor Emirate ID and Passport Copy
  2. Investor Passport Copy
  3. Government Charge

Sole Establishment

If the company is owned by a single owner, the license will be issued as an establishment. To form a company as the sole establishment, an investor should be a citizen of UAE or GCC.

  • Three purposed names for Trade Name.
  • Passport Copy of investor.
  • Emirates ID Card Copy investor.
  • Feasibility study in case of industrial service and electronic activities.


Limited Liability Company

If a company is owned by two or more partners, the license will be issued as LLC

  • Three purposed names for Trade Name.
  • Local Sponsor Passport Copy.
  • Local Sponsor  Emirates ID Card Copy.
  • Partner’s Passport Copy.
  • Partner’s Visa Page Copy.
  • Partner’s Emirates ID Copy.
  • No Objection Letter from Sponsor (if applicant is in residence visa) or Visit Visa copy.
  • Feasibility study in case of industrial service and electronic activities.


Branch of Existing Company

 If there is an existing foreign or local company and wants to form a branch in Dubai mainland, licensed will issued as the branch.

  • Local Sponsor Passport Copy and Emirates ID Card Copy (if Company is LLC or company is foreign origin).
  • Passpor copy of Manager. 
  • Feasibility study in case of industrial service and electronic activities.
  • Original valid trade license.
  • Original Trade Register Certificate.
  • Original Certificate of membership.
  • Board Resolution.


Note: For foreign companies the documents of the parent company shall be attested by the UAE Embassy in the concerned country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

General Info

  • Application and payment received after 11 am are processed in the next business day.
  • In case of requirement of UID number you will need visit immigration office to obtain your UID number.
  • Before processing, all government cost must be paid.
  • Trust Genic will provide possible activities for business as per your requirement, final decision will be left to you.
  • If you wish to appoint your own Local Sponsor all government and PRO service charge must be paid prior to processing.
  • Trust Genic is a pick up and drop off point, all document processing are done by concerned Governmental Authorities, we carry no responsibility for any Governmental authority Approvals.
  • Once the payments are done then only the applications will be submitted for further process.
  • Original receipt for all governmental charges will be provided.
  • Any payment made to the Trust Genic for any product or services are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise. Even the payment is not complete and/or all the required documents are not provided to the Trust Genic still the condition remains valid.  
  • Trust Genic will not be responsible for the delay on any applications due to any inquiry by government authorities.
  • It is mandatory to provide a NOC to form a new company if applicant is in residency visa from other company.
  • Our PRO services do not cover assistance in filing or appearing the Ministry of labor or Dubai Courts for any labor related disputes or cases.



  • The validity of initial name reservation certificate is 6 month. It has to be renewed until trade license is obtained.
  • The company name cannot be of a country. Family names should not be used as a trade name if it does not include the first name.
  • The word “International, gulf, group” cannot be used as Trade Name (will tried upon request but subject to DED approvals).
  • Trade name should contain 2 or more than 2 letters.
  • To obtain a new payment voucher DEWA will or DEWA deposit receipt has to be submitted.
  • In case of incorporation of branch of existing firm, initial approval must be processed before reserving trade name.
  • The Ejari must be registered under the name of company as Initial name reservation certificate approved by DED.
  • If shareholders do not hold UAE residency, recent entry stamp must be provided prior to process.
  • Additional charges may apply if additional business activities added on same license.
  • Should you wish to ensure that your Lease/Ejari is acceptable, please provide us a copy of your affection plan for approval before entering to contract procedures.
  • If extra approval required, PRO charges will apply in addition to government fee.
  • For professional Licenses, it is mandatory to submit a relevant degree(attested) and experience letter.
  • A DTCM letter/request addressed to the Dubai Police will be required to obtain a certificate of good standing in setting up a tourism license. Contact us for more information.
  • General Trading licenses cannot lease a warehouse as a primary business location.
  • There will automatic security approval for shareholders on Consultancy License before Initial approval by DED which will take around 7 working days.
  • A Local Sponsor who sponsored a business activity falling under “Contracting and Building Works” cannot sponsor another company falling under same activity group.
  • IF you delay to submit a Lease/Ejari within 30 days of Initial Nmae approval, additional PRO Charge will apply.
  •  External approvals are based on governmental Authorities, Trust Genic ensures to file a correct requirement. Trust Genic do not carry any responsibility for approvals but regular follow up will be done by Trust Genic.  
  • If there is a requirement of external approvals from and external government authority (KHDA, Dubai Municipality etc ), trade name approved by DED may be changed by external government authority. In this case trade name amendment must be done from DED and appropriate charges must be paid.
  • To setup managing company as business activity, at least 3 branches in UAE are required.
  • Any amendment charges for license vary depending on a license and PRO charges will also apply.
  • LLC Companies cannot be intended to Sole establishment or Civil Work.
  • Any parties fail to present in Notary within 30 minutes additional no show fee will apply.
  • Immigration card is required for Visas and du or etisalat connection as well.
  • To open a labour file, PO Box in the name of trade license is must.
  • Company PO Box cannot be canceled until Trade license is not canceled.
  • Dubai Municipality require companies if shareholders in a Construction/Contracting based company to have at least 3 building completion certificates to obtain their approval.
  • Trust Genic grant no interfere by the sponsor on business if all the dues are settled as per agreement made.



  • The quotas should be applied/approved prior to apply for visa.
  • The ministry of labor may conduct office inspection for every new quota application.
  • Change of status should be carried out before processing for medical and Emirates ID to complete residency visa stamping.
  • To residency visa cancellation all traffic fines should be settled.
  • If 30-day grace period is overstayed, In country change of status may not be carried out where you may asked to Exit country (airport to airport transfer) and pay overstayed fine at airport.
  • If you are outside the country while entry permit issued and entering on new visa, you don’t need to carry out status change.
  • Once the change of status carried out, you will not allow traveling out of country until your residency visa stamped on your passport.
  • If the residency visa stamping process are not done within 60 days of status change the overstay fine of AED 25 per day applicable from immigration.
  • Additional fee may charge if any changes made on job offer letter and employment contract once it’s generated. Contact us for charges and more information.
  • The Visa process for certain nationality may take long time.
  • In absconding case, it is employer’s responsibility to file otherwise employer will be punished as per UAE Law.
  • Before obtaining Visa for employee you have to apply for labor file first. It is mandatory to have a DEWA bill to obtain labor file.
  • Salary of employee has to be paid through the WPS System on the end of same month of visa issued.
  • Visa guarantee are subjected to immigration approvals for certain nationality.
  • Visa application for women may be rejected depending on License/Office/Degree and may be asked for attested degree for certain business activities.
  • Immigration grants 2 partner visa for one company.
  • The age limit for employment visa is 19 years to 65 years.
  • Managerial Position Visa is required to travel GGC with on arrival visa.
  • If you fail your medical exam it is not Trust Genic responsibility to assist in subsequent.
  • Medical insurance is mandatory for all visa applicants including investor/partner.
  • If passport with recent stamped residency visa is expired, you have to submit new passport for stamping. If you are out of country, you are not allowed to enter with expired passport. You have to get new passport together with old one to enter.
  • To sponsor Family, Maid, Driver you may require for deposit in immigration. Contact us for more information.